Protect Property and Revenues on the Internet

Piracy is rampant online. Links, websites, and misleading advertisements can siphon a substantial amount of money from authors and publishers, film and video producers, information product creators, and WordPress developers. Piracy also effects law firms, photographers, trading vendors, and music producers.

Intellectual property is often stolen, offered at lower pricing, and disseminated via different websites created by criminals. Detecting links and sites can be difficult, especially if they are launched out of the country. Cyber criminals are intelligent, devious, and experts at covering their tracks. People can be infringement victims and not even realize it.

Protection Services

Many information technology (IT) service providers offer anti-piracy protection. Some will detect piracy and remove the link or site from search engines. The most effective way to remove a link is to do so at the source. Those seeking protection will want to find a company that removes infringements at the source.

A company that devises innovative protection platforms to cater to specific industries will have unique capabilities. Programs are customized to each business in the industry. Services can be scaled up or down depending on the size, content, and proliferation of the website. Those interested in fast, affordable, and effective piracy protection can go to external for complete details.

Information Product Creators

Protection for information product creators, for example, has features that suit the final product. Online courses, magazines, life coaching techniques, or other such information is often targeted. There are several ways to infringe upon copyrights. Being familiar with how the crimes take place is half the battle of preventing them. Seek an experienced company for protection.

Criminals will insert links to sites that direct customers to their sites instead of the owner website. With protection, people actively seeking the owner website will be directed to the sales page. Trademarks are disregarded, and groups can purchase one course or training and share it.

Re-seller link removals at the source, buyer keyword protection, and forum thread tracking are included. Group buy sabotage protection is specific to this industry to keep revenues from dwindling. Product launch guard is also offered. This service secures the product during the launch window when it is most vulnerable.

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