How INksoft Integration Methods Add Features to Software

Inksoft is a web-based order processing platform that is designed for the promotional product industries. Screen and digital printing, customized apparel, embroidery stores, and manufacturers and distributors of promotional products get special needs met via the platform. It also offers a powerful online designer. Orders can be custom designed by businesses, individuals, non-profit organizations, and schools. Artwork can be uploaded, logos can be faxed or emailed, and different products can be placed on the same invoice. This platform is only available online and cannot be purchased outright for licensing.

The platform can be used with other specialized business software for the same industries for convenience and consistency. By utilizing inksoft integration methods external, business owners can eliminate the need to duplicate orders on their systems. The result is basically a matter of order processing meeting business management programs via two different software products. The order data of inksoft is already formatted to be imported into OnSite software from Owners do not have to take the time to re-enter data from one platform to the other. Complete order data can be moved with a few clicks. The transition is not completed in real time because it does require staff to import the information. That process can be done as orders come in, or left to be done in a group every few days or every week, depending on the number of orders gathered from inksoft.

The OnSite software provides complete programs for all aspect of business management including shipping, size charts, scheduling of production runs, and pricing calculation. Add-on programs are available for proofing original artwork and getting customer approvals, managing an E commerce store, and providing a customer portal to track orders. Owners can decide which components are best suited for their unique business needs, focus, and preferred ways of doing things. Regular business software is suitable for most industries, but does not accommodate creative and custom products. Inksoft is an example of a web-based product, while OnSite is available as an end product or as software as a service. Integrating the two makes organization easier and faster for business owners. The time savings increases production and allows owners and staff to concentrate on customer service.

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